2022 National Race Amity Conference

Experiencing the Power of Race Amity in Individual & Organizational Partnerships

November 17, 2022 - November 19, 2022

"Whenever the issue of race comes up people often overlook positive cross-cultural and inter-faith relationships...There is only one race - the ‘Human Race,’ and we are all part of the human family."

Colette Phillips, Founder, Get Konnected!



America today faces a crisis of racial division, and we must address this.

The 2022 Race Amity Conference will empower you to address challenging issues of race while learning how to be the change you wish to see in your partnerships and organizations through powerful and effective examples of cross-racial and cross-cultural partnerships.


For an exciting and in-depth event

Masud Olufani
Penn Badgley
Celeste Headlee
Howard Ross
Devin Moore
Colette Phillips
Randie Gottlieb
Raisa Carrasco-Velez

...and more!

Decide now: Are these difficult times going to define you? Or are you going to take a bold step to make a difference in yourself and help shape this nation?

The world won’t change on its own. The life and society you want – of equity, access, and social justice – is waiting for YOU to step up and take action. We must seize the opportunity and make a difference…NOW.

People are looking around for answers to bridge the racial divide…

Or looking for a way to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Unleash and witness the power of Race Amity at the 2022 Race Amity Conference

Race Amity has the power to create the life you want, even when it doesn't seem possible.

“Race To Speak Up Against Bullying’ is my motto…I want people to understand that you can be bullied for anything, from your skin color…height…weight…disability to being LGBTQ and that is not okay. I want to encourage all to be upstanders.”

Devin Moore, Founder, #RaceToSpeakUp

  • Join thought leaders and activists
  • Harness proven teachings and methods to strengthen race relations …
  • Move from blame - grievance - rejection to AMITY, ACCESS, and EQUITY.

Come experience it for yourself.

"We’re in a period of high racial
tension, I don’t think we can survive
unless we work together."

Celeste Headlee, NPR Journalist and Author

The 2022 Race Amity Conference will help you...

  • Understand the goals of Race Amity and its power as a moral counterweight to race prejudice.
  • Engage like-minded individuals. Learn from their experiences and share yours.
  • Connect with organizations pursuing action that melds with your personal interests.
  • Gain inspiration from visionary individuals who reinforce becoming our best selves!

...And Much More!

WHAT MAKES THE 2022 Race Amity Conference SO SPECIAL?

People rarely get the opportunity to advance their personal development and simultaneously impact others. Participation in the 2022 Virtual Race Amity Conference provides that opportunity.

This event celebrates and highlights our national motto, E Pluribus Unum—Of Many, One. The answer is evident. We must keep trying to promote cross-racial/cross-cultural friendships. The world won’t change on its own. 

  • It will provide you with understanding and insight to deal with the blight of race prejudice and bigotry that confronts us all on a daily basis.

  • Across 3 days, you’ll experience action-oriented presentations, music, art. You'll meet and hear from noted celebrities, diverse thinkers, artists, leading educators, and people such as yourself.
  • And to keep the learning going, the powerful keynote events and breakout sessions will be available online for 45 days after the Conference.

Who is this event for?

Join with diverse people from all walks of life—students, entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, creatives, educators, coaches, leaders, dreamers, visionaries, athletes... the list goes on.

All attendees have one common characteristic: A belief in the scientific and spiritual truths that we are ONE HUMAN FAMILY. 

Do you feel that the racial divide in America absolutely needs to be bridged??

Then YOU must attend this event!

New This Year!

In an effort to maximize the opportunity for participation and encourage groups of students and colleagues to attend together, the National Center for Race Amity is introducing institutional registration for this year’s Virtual Conference.

This is a special opportunity for 

  • educational institutions

  • non-profit organizations
  • churches and other faith-based organizations
  • and businesses

to advance their collective awareness and action around issues of diversity and inclusion and build a culture of interracial amity and collaboration in their organizations.

For a flat fee, organizations will be entitled to register any of their students, faculty, staff and/or employees to attend the conference. They will be able to enjoy full and flexible access to sessions based on their interest.

Letter From The Founding Executive Director
National Center For Race Amity

Dear Race Amity Allies,

This year we are focusing on assisting the many DE&I leaders to encourage and empower their communities to participate in the people-powered lifeline to society, race amity. Along with individuals that we encourage to attend the virtual conference, we hope to engage institutional communities and their diverse constituencies.

This year’s conference theme is “Experiencing the Power of Race Amity In Individual and Organizational Partnerships.” The goal is to provide real life examples for us all in approaching the most difficult and challenging issue to our society, racism.

As we travel this long and thorny road in pursuit of advancing access, equity and social justice, we must encourage one another through learning and sharing our successes and setbacks. This will insure forward movement in our climb on the arch of the moral universe which bends toward justice. The NCRA community looks forward to your participation in the virtual 2022 National Race Amity Conference.

William “Smitty” Smith, Ed.D.

When you register today for THE race amity virtual conference You'll receive:

The 2022 Race Amity Conference is a virtual event spanning multiple time zones, which means early mornings for some and late nights for others. Get ready for unparalleled energy and transformation as we make breakthroughs for this nation!

This virtual event takes place over the course of 3 days. Sessions are recorded and available for viewing for a 45 day period afterwards.

  • 25 thought leaders, artists and educators
  • 4 Keynote Presentations
  • Multicultural Artistic Presentations
  • Exclusive debut of From Segregation to Justice
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • 45 day replay of many sessions, including all Keynotes
  • Exclusive Book Store Access
  • And MUCH MORE!


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