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What is Race Amity and The Other Tradition?



The perspective of “The Other Tradition” is that in America’s racial history the dominant tradition of racism has always had a parallel moral counterweight that promoted access, equity, and social justice. This moral counterweight holds at its core humanistic and spiritual values accentuated by amity and close cross-racial/cross-cultural collaboration, which in contrast to racism, is “The Other Tradition.”

The National Race Amity Conference’s inspiration is derived from the message below:



Mission Statement from the 1st National Race Amity Convention

May 21, 1921

Washington, D.C.

“The great work we have to do and for which this conference is called is the establishment of amity between the white and colored people of our land. When we have put our own house in order, then we may be trusted to carry the message of universal peace to all mankind.”

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